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Anhui Meisaitai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on providing core raw materials and overall solutions for the biopharmaceutical field.

The company targets core raw materials and new technology platforms in the international IVD industry, supported by high-end R&D and technical personnel. Focusing on mainstream IVD detection technology platforms and new detection projects such as chemiluminescence, immunoturbidimetry, gene molecules, POCT, etc., the company has established a research and development and production core raw material platform for single (multi) clonal antibodies, prokaryotic protein expression and purification, and nanomaterials, and has improved various IVD reagent kit production technology solutions, Provide one-stop full chain services from raw materials to reagent kit production processes for IVD ...

R&D and industrialization projects
R&D headquarters supporting biological laboratory
large-scale production platform
Product Layout
01/Core raw materials for testing reagents

· Enzyme Immunoassay/Luminescence Clinical Biochemistry Molecular Diagnosis Rapid Diagnosis

02/Formula Process Solution

· Chemiluminescence, Clinical Biochemistry, Molecular Diagnosis

03/Cooperative Development and Transformation Application

· Chemiluminescence, Latex Turbidity, Immunochromatography, Digital PCR, Fluorescence Quantitative PCR, Gene Detection

04/Scientific Research Collaboration Technical Services

· Integrated technology platform for genes, proteins, and antibodies